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During childbirth, complications may arise that result in permanent injury to the mother or infant. An experienced birth injury lawyer can help families claim compensation from negligent medical professionals for their child’s future care needs. Contact a local attorney through FindLaw to schedule an initial consultation and discuss the details of your case.

A physician’s negligence during labor or delivery may cause an array of injuries to a baby, including brain damage and brachial plexus injuries. These injuries can leave the child with serious impairments, making it difficult to reach developmental milestones or live a full life. In some cases, these injuries are the result of a doctor’s use of excessive force in the delivery process. A doctor’s use of excessive force may also lead to spinal cord damage, which can impact the central nervous system.

Serious birth injuries can be expensive for parents, requiring a lifetime of attendant care and treatment. A successful claim for damages may recover compensation to cover the costs of medical expenses, therapy sessions, adaptive equipment, and more. An injured child may also be eligible for compensation to cover pain and suffering, lost income, and emotional trauma.

Whether your child suffered a birth injury due to a physician’s errors during the birthing process or was harmed by prescription medication prescribed by a health care provider, you need an experienced Olympia Birth Injury Lawyer. A dedicated law firm like Colburn Law will thoroughly investigate your claims and provide a candid assessment of the value of your case. The firm will fight to get you a maximum financial award for your losses, without unnecessary pressure or false promises.

A medical malpractice claim requires a thorough investigation of the evidence, an understanding of state and federal liability laws, and a willingness to take the case to trial. A skilled Olympia Birth Injury Lawyer is well-versed in these issues, and can effectively represent you against high-priced insurance companies and their legal teams.

An attorney’s client recommendations, education and training, professional affiliations, and background information can help you determine if they are right for your case. You can also use the attorney profiles to ask questions, such as how long they have been in practice and how many cases similar to yours have they handled. You can also check their disciplinary history, which could indicate the severity of complaints or issues that they have faced.

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